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What is recidivism?

Recidivism is the pattern of a life of crime where one commits the crime, goes to prison, gets released and immediately returns to the criminal behaviors that landed them in incarceration to begin with. This cycle is very common but fortunately there is a solution. Enter Georgia CALLS, a non-profit organization in Buford, GA that VoiceNation is partnering with to break this vicious cycle.

Recidivism: a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially : relapse into criminal behavior. — Merriam-Webster

Georgia CALLS logoWho is Georgia CALLS?

After several mission trips overseas and countless encounters with people desperate for hope, Chief Catalyst of Georgia CALLS (and president of VoiceNation) Jay Reeder, envisioned an organization that helps others experience a life change through intentional development so they see challenges of the world as opportunities, not threats. The Georgia CALLS team was formed of pastors, counselors, social workers, educators and technical gurus and this vision quickly became a reality. Georgia CALLS was set in motion by blending innovative technical skill-sets with compassion for others. The heart of our program lies within each individual going after a life change, thereby enabling them to rise above the cycle of recidivism. The effects are restored families, strengthened communities and most importantly HOPE.

Get to Know Georgia CALLS and their Story

VoiceNation has partnered with Georgia CALLS to equip them with technology assistance, training, mentoring and an exclusive higher-level functioning curriculum package that is the core of the program. This curriculum, available for free at, was intentionally created to be shared and used in schools, non-profit organizations, churches or any learning environment.

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