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In continuing with our hugely successful ICE CREAM CHALLENGE, The Summer Freeze is our all-new summer giving campaign: Giving even a little will make a significant impact. Will you help?

Summer Freeze

For the amount the average American family spends on ice cream every month, that same amount could provide clean drinking water for a year for someone without it. Would you be willing to take that ice cream money and give it to a cause that would provide this basic necessity for healthy living?

By giving through charity: water, we challenge you to join us in this worthy cause. Step up and help your brothers and sisters in need!

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Promotional Materials


poster Download the first Voice4Nations poster here. Great for posting in your school, office or church to help raise awareness and change perspectives! Full-color, 11"x17". Download Now (4mb PDF)

Fact Flyer

flyer Download the first Voice4Nations flyer here. Another easy to share printable. Great for handing out at a lemonade stand, at your church or fundraising event! Full-color, 8.5"x11". Download Now (8mb PDF)

Things You Can Do Mini-Poster

things poster Download the first Voice4Nations "Things You Can Do" Poster here. A 8.5x14 full-color mini-poster with a few ideas to get started on using your influence for changing the world!. Download Now (8mb PDF)