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Pay It Forward: World Humanitarian Day Campaign

We are always looking for ways to lend a helping hand and in honor of World Humanitarian Day: A Global Celebration of People Helping People, that’s exactly what we did. And we did it in a BIG way! We had so much fun celebrating 2013’s World Humanitarian Day that we wanted to share the incredible experience with you in hopes to inspire you to do just what we did – “Pay It Forward”!

Voice4Nations launched its “Pay It Forward” Campaign by giving each team member the opportunity to do something nice for someone else, spur of the moment, any way that suited them – a random act of kindness if you will. And boy, did we make an impact in our local community! And the best part was, our team enjoyed it more than they ever imagined. So, we wanted to tell you about all the creative ways we were able to “pay it forward” and positively impact the life of someone else, when they least expected it.

Here’s what we did:

  • Mowed my elderly neighbor’s lawn and fixed her garden.
  • Bought the remaining groceries the lady in front of me couldn’t afford.
  • Sent flowers to a struggling friend from an anonymous source.
  • Gave back by buying water and taking it to a team of football players.
  • Bought a pair of shoes for a child.
  • Gave money to a homeless man at a gas station, asked if he wanted anything from inside the store, and bought him a few snacks and water.
  • Gave a lady money to take a bus ride back to Alabama with her three kids.
  • Contributed financially to the person behind me in the checkout line at a store.
  • Bought groceries and other necessary items for a struggling family - and used couponing skills to be able to give even more.
  • Gave a homeless man funds to apply for a job.
  • Gave the neighborhood Ice Cream Truck Man funds to treat all neighborhood kids to free ice cream that evening.
  • Paid for the person’s food behind me in the fast food drive thru.
  • Paid for a neighbor’s gas who had been out of work so he could make it to a job interview.
  • Contributed financially to help a family pay their monthly daycare bill so their child could stay enrolled.
  • Bought lunch for a homeless man.
  • Gifted baby supplies to a pregnant high school student who has no support system.
  • Helped a young girl purchase tires for her car.
  • Purchased a gift card at the local grocery store and gave it to the person behind me in the checkout line.
  • Gave money to a family of five (mom, dad, and three children) standing outside of the grocery store asking for financial help.
  • Left a generous tip for a cashier who had just dealt with a very difficult customer.  
  • Started a moving fund for a couple out of a job who cannot pay rent.
  • Bought the snack and drink for the lady in line in front of me whose debit card was declined.
  • Gave money to a homeless person sitting in the rain.
  • Donated to the American Heart Association in hopes they find a cure.
  • Helped a young girl who is expecting buy a car seat and stroller at a local consignment store.
  • Stocked a child’s cubby with three boxes of diapers to help a single mother during hard times.
  • Donated to a drug recovery house that is financially struggling to keep their doors open.
  • Helped a lady who had a difficult time paying for her medical prescription at the pharmacy.
  • Bought gas for the person who pulled up to the gas pump next to me.
  • Helped a friend pay rent.
  • Supported a college student who could not afford books for class.
  • Bought ice cream for a child in the neighborhood because his parents did not have any cash on them and I didn’t want that child to feel left out.
  • Gave my daughter extra money to put in her giving/offering box so she could Pay It Forward at a later time.
  • Bought an elderly couple breakfast at a local restaurant.
  • Donated to an elderly couple to help with medical bills. The husband has brain cancer and just underwent a hip replacement.

This was a special opportunity for our team, but the ultimate reward was knowing we made a difference, big or small, in the life of a perfect stranger. It’s our hope that the person on the receiving end will “pay it forward” as well, and together, we can make the world a better place for those in it.



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