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Another Voice4Nations Sponsored Well Constructed in Maziwa, Kenya

CommunityWe're proud to announce that our last water project campaign, a continuation of the Ice Cream Challenge, has now wrapped up and the well has been completed! We just got word from charity:water that the money raised by our generous partners was used to rehabilitate a dysfunctional well in the community of Maziwa, Kenya. The project was completed in the month of November of 2015 with the help of a local partner organization called Action Against Hunger.

The Numbers

  • People Served: 610
  • Total Project Cost: $19,504.72
  • Amount Donated by Voice4Nations Supporters: $1,105


About the Well

The community of Maziwa is located in Southeastern Kenya, near the city of Malindi. The previous well was in a state of disrepair so charity:water and Action Against Hunger stepped in to rebuild the drilled well into a functioning community well. Families in the community of Maziwa all contribute a small fee to have access to the well and were active in the rehabilitation of the well. By involving the local community directly, families have "buy-in" to the well and protection of the equipment that is so desperately needed. Along with the rebuilding of the well, local partners trained community health workers on sanitation best practices and provided them resources to educate the community about reducing the spread of preventable disease in the community. Community members also took part in building structures to protect the well and water source so crucial to the well-being of Maziwa. 

Before the well was in place, residents, mostly women and girls, of the community would commonly walk up to two hours to collect water for their families every day. Even then, the water they collected was from unreliable, often polluted sources that often made people sick. Now, with the well they are able to stay in the community during the day and know that they are in fact drinking safe water every day. 

Thank You

So, from your friends here at Voice4Nations we'd like to say thank you for your support of this project! We're so excited to see the impact of giving up a little to gain a lot for the greater good with our Ice Cream Challenge project. For more information about the details of the well and charity:water, please visit our project page at




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