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About Voice4Nations

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Learn a little bit about Voice4Nations and what we believe in

Our Mission

To be the voice for those that go unheard; a movement that will ignite the understanding that through action, change can be accomplished.


Voice4Nations was launched as a non-profit outreach opportunity for the employees of VoiceNation in 2011. Born from the passion of VoiceNation to make a difference, it was decided that success is more than a privilege - it is a responsibility. We feel it our responsibility to use the platform given to us as an opportunity to help others. Rather than imagine the world be a better place, we want to help create it. This isn't a "cause" that will come and go but is part of who we are.

We seek to empower people to make a difference in a world where change is necessary in order to bring quality to a world out of balance. Now is the time to understand the needs of our fellow neighbors, both across the street and across the globe and facilitate a change in order for those needs to be met. We can't bring them to our standard of living but we can humanely (and easily) give them a fighting chance at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It's not about their humanity, it’s about ours.

BurkeThroughout the ages there have been principles and ideas recognized as timeless wisdom. In the Bible there's one such principle recorded where a King Lemuel repeats the lessons taught by his mother that leaders have a responsibility to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves and stand up for the poor.

Voice4Nations acts as a voice for the nations; a voice for those who can't speak for themselves, like the 50% of all children who live in poverty. *Our goal is to create awareness, encourage people to make a difference, and connect them with successful organizations where they can make a contribution directly funding the need.

Addressing real-world issues

The Cycle of Recidivism

Recidivism: a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially : relapse into criminal behavior. - from Merriam-Webster

In 2015, VoiceNation President Jay Reeder started Georgia CALLS as a non-profit organization to help break the cycle of recidivism in the State of Georgia, where as many as 1 in 13 citizens is either incarcerated or inside the prison system. Georgia CALLS utilizes a holistic approach to reintegrating returning citizens back into society by teaching them vital job and life skills, spiritual development and providing them one-on-one counseling as needed. VoiceNation employees graciously volunteer hundreds of hours of time to help serve this amazing organization that is truly changing lives and rebuilding broken families in the process.


When children don't feel safe at school due to the fear of being bullied, they tend to stay home - miss school, and therefore, cannot get a quality education. Overweight children are the easiest target for bullies, but other children are not excluded from the harsh experience. Bullying is a serious concern that has been reported to claim the lives of many young adults nationwide. 

Voice4Nations is providing educational resources for schools, families, and communities to improve school achievement and reduce the effects of bullying. By supporting The Fat Boy Chronicles novel and movie, Voice4Nations' Anti-Bullying Initiative raises awareness and brings inspiration to those struggling to overcome the unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children. Learn more about The Fat Boy Chronicles Program here.


More and more families have become homeless over the past several years. As of 2013, families make up nearly 40% of all who are homeless. And, on any given night 633,782 people experience homelessness in the United States.

Through Voice4Nations volunteer initiatives at local homeless facilities in Atlanta, it has been our experience that many communities and local churches do not know how to handle the new face of homelessness - families.  As a result, Voice4Nations is seeking to raise awareness and offer resources that can be implemented into your local community to help those in need. Learn more about Voice4Nations' Homeless Outreach Project here.

The Global Water Crisis

Children are not living past their 5th birthday because they do not have clean water to drink. 4,100 kids die each day from diarrhea and other illnesses contracted from dirty water and poor sanitation, resulting in the 2nd leading cause of child deaths in the world we live in.

So, why should anyone be without the right to basic, pure drinking water? Voice4Nations joined charity: water to help them in their mission of constructing fresh water wells and providing education to those around the world who are without clean drinking water. Click here to view our campaign.

A Note From our partner, charity: water

 water logo

charity: water started four years ago, using our birthday as an excuse to fund water projects in developing countries. Since then, thousands of others have joined us by starting their own fundraising campaigns here on mycharity: water

They're giving up birthday gifts, running marathons, jumping out of planes, selling lemonade... all to give clean water to people in need. We've now provided more than 1.7 million people with access to safe water projects -- but our impact will span far beyond just drinking water.