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The cycle of crime is a chronic issue today in America. But, the vicious cycle of recidivism can be broken. VoiceNation is partnering with Georgia CALLS to rebuild lives.

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The Water Crisis

The second leading cause of death among children around the world is diarrhea from unclean drinking water and poor sanitation. In this day in age and with all of our advances in technology, this is a solvable problem ... and one YOU can help solve.

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Did you know that one in four American students are bullied every day? This stat is more than likely underestimated as those being bullied aren't always willing to come forward. The prevention of bullying is a passion of Voice4Nations so join with us!

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The face of the homeless has changed – and these days there are thousands in the US alone without a place to call home. With the uncertain economy resulting in families living on the street, homelessness is a growing epidemic.

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How much do you love ice cream?

Give the all new summer campaign for our Ice Cream Challenge a go! We call it the Summer Freeze. The solution to the global water crisis is not as insurmountable as we think! Your monthly ice cream budget can help eliminate the cause of 80% of world illnesses and a leading killer of children. Join us in saving lives, curing diseases, and changing the world by taking the Summer Freeze!

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